During Changer the historic centre of Šibenik will be transformed into a space of light and multimedia. Light installations by award-winning Croatian artists will be placed on various locations in the city, the streets of historic centre of Šibenik will be decorated with ambient lightning and the building of Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik will become a background for 3D mapping show…

Davor Antolić Antas – LAST DAYS OF DISCO

The exhibition by sculptor and scenographer Davor Antolić Antas entitled “Last Days of Disco” consists of only one work – a set of long red neon lights that go on and off thus creating an impression of permanent circular movement and an atmosphere of confusion and insecurity in relation to the space and its transparent construction for the visitors.

Mirjana Vodopija – VORTEX

The author of the installation, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, created the installation in cooperation with a physicist Davor Horvatić. In its center a projection canvas turns into a thin line and creates an impression of acceleration of particles or Brownian motion.

Bojan Gagić, Miodrag Gladović – LIGHTUNE.G

Multimedia artist and music producer/sound engineer came together and conducted a research into photovoltaic effect and how it is applicable in creating sound. The authors used theatre spotlights, lasers, video projections and lamps to create the first sound draft of luminoacoustic composition.

Would you like to find out what do lights sound like?

The artists won the third prize for innovation in the field of research into contemporary music expression at Guthmann New Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta (SAD) and many other awards.


Back when TVs were analogue and black and white interruptions during the program caused white noise or TV static to appear and made the viewers nervous. In a digital age there is no white noise but there is an information overload that, again, creates white noise for the viewers.

The text of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the most translated documents in the world, is transformed into binary code system whose basic digits “zero” and “one” are replaced with black and white squares – white noise.

Vedran Perkov received [email protected] award – third place in 2017


A female voice starts reading the poetry of Vesna Parun (poet born on Zlarin island, near Šibenik). After that the same line is «read» in Morse code. Mores code is turned into a flash of light.

The same text and the same information create different impressions and atmosphere through various media. The difference between subjective and objective. In an unexpected place expect poetry, surprise – sound and light.

Tina Vukasović – PECI PECI PEC

Peci peci pec is a spatial installation knitted with colorful elastic rubber bands. Stretched multilayer web invites viewers to play the game and encourages them to participate and communicate whereby they become an integral part of the artwork.